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Welcome to the ABC Explorer's Aerial Literacy Program

     Are you that passenger who always gets stuck next to the screaming child on flight?! Are you fed up with the amount of senseless screen time our kid's are exposed to? Will you feel comfortable with knowing that you helped aid in the creation of the world's first "Aerial Literacy Program?" Then this is the series for you!! 

     My name is Lauren Rosa and I am the author of a children's book series that we are turning into an "Aerial Literacy Program" where any child passenger flying to any state in America, will receive a FREE eBook about the state they are flying to. This series features my three children, Annalee, Briana, and Caiden...(hence the name ABC Explorer's) and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to combine the love for my family and my love for writing poetry, in such an impactful way. 

        I received this idea after the publication of my first book, "Annalee, Briana, and Caiden...Go to Paris, France!". I had that book professionally illustrated which was very costly and not how I originally envisioned the series. All preceding books will have the writing on the left side with the corresponding image on the right. I always wanted a realistic background so the reader's can see exactly what it looks like as if they were there. That's why I will be taking my kid's to the exact location, taking a picture of them there, and posting the whole journey on social media. Anybody who lives in that area or who visits the site will take a selfie in the same spot and post to social media with #ABCandme. That will automatically enter them to win an exclusive book made personally for that person and not available to the public!

While the main focus is on the start-up of the "Aerial Literary Program", the books will also be made available to schools, online, brick and mortar stores, libraries, ect. Each state book will cover historical facts, geological sites, what each state is well known for, fun bits of trivia, best places for families to visit, and anything else I think would be pertinent information that the kids would enjoy. To give you a general idea of my style of writing, the following is an excerpt from my first book, "Annalee, Briana, and Caiden...Go to Paris, France!":

"There's the Eiffel Tower; The most visited monuments to this day! Did you know with a strong gust of wind; Up to fifteen centimeters it could sway. Gustave Eiffel built it using iron; So no one's ever gotten a splinter. And I'm sure you didn't know; It shrinks six inches in the winter!"

     Since I have also struggled early on in life and my children only know the life they've been given, I usually try to find community service and volunteer opportunities that will allow me to include the children, to instill that sense of giving back to those less fortunate. I will be including photo's of my family giving back to the community in the back of each book. I am hoping to inspire reader's to want to do the same. 

     Now that all the behind the scenes work is done, we just need funding to complete writing the series, publication costs, programming for the code the child will receive once they check in for their flight, and travel cost to provide for the book images and the social media campaign.  Donations of any amount are graciously appreciate and even a small amount goes a long way. If you are unable to donate but would love to help support this cause, please share this page with your friends on social media. All donors will automatically be entered into the social media campaign to receive a personalized book made just for the winner. I would love to thank you for taking the time to read about our story! Wishing everyone nothing but health and happiness!!


Book launch party at the Eco's Building in Forest Park. Springfield, Mass 2016

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