Annalee, Briana, and Caiden . . . Go to Paris France

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Please consider purchasing my first book “Annalee. Briana and Caiden… Go to Paris, France!”.This book is about my three children, Annalee, Briana and Caiden…so I felt a fitting name was “ABC Explorers”. In this first book of my series, they decide to travel to Paris, France where they are met with this very nice couple who offers to show them around. I never knew the Eiffel Tower shrinks in the winter or that the French started the traditions of decorating the Christmas tree! …

It has twenty-five super educational facts about France that not too many people know. Find these fun facts and more in this educational book written completely in rhyme! Check out these excerpts from the book: …

“There’s the famous Eiffel Tower.
The most visited monument to this day.
Did you know that with a strong gust of wind
Up to 15 centimeters it can sway?
Gustave Eiffel built it using iron,
So no one’s ever gotten a splinter.”

“The crepes smelled so good
So they all sat down to eat.
Did you know the French started the tradition
Of decorating the Christmas tree?
They originally used flowers and apples,
Until the apple harvest dies.
Then a glass blower made some bulbs
And the tradition spread worldwide!”

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6 reviews for Annalee, Briana, and Caiden . . . Go to Paris France

  1. I bought this book for my children after the author read her book in front of a bunch of kid’s. She herself was well spoken and did a great job. My two kids were in the front row listening and after she was done they were telling all the places in the world that they would like to travel too. They were sooo excited! I’ve never seen them this excited about a book! They really wanted it so i bought the book and were so excited that it was signed for them. Now, every time after they brush their teeth it’s always story time… With the ABC EXPLORES BOOK!

    Eileen Coffee

  2. A Unique Book. I would like to recommend the book Annalee, Brianna, and Caiden, Go to Paris France! this is an ABC explorers by Lauren Rosa. The look is very professionally written and a cute story that children will love. A book filled with Adventure. A really cool story. The art is excellent. The colors in this book are attention getting.

    Dallas Bennett

  3. We loved this book!!
    This book is so adorable! It was educational and fun! Can?t wait to see more adventures of the ABC Explorer:!!


  4. I bought this for nephew. He loves to read. Was t sure how he’d take to it, as he’s autistic, and can be picky, but man did he love this story. We may never go to Paris, but he wants to now more then ever. But that’s his dads problem now! Great little story. Very cute, and the artwork was very pleasing for him. I definitely recommend this book. Great job on this one!


  5. It is a wonderful book for children … I definitely recommend it. It’s a book that your children could read more than once. A must buy


  6. Book was wonderful , great educational piece for my children. This book is also available in e-book version, with the 3-D flip pages.

    Marissa Rosa

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